“Awakening the Warrior Within”

In June of this year a woman made an announcement at our church that she would be offering a workshop on awakening your inner warrior. I was intrigued. It immediately struck a cord within me and I hear a voice inside say “You have to do this.” I didn’t really give my husband a chance to voice his opinion, I was determined to do it. (Well, there was some waffling on my part before a full commitment was made, but I recovered from that and quickly signed up.)

I initially thought that this workshop would help me create an inner warrior – someone inside me who would help me fight my battles, real or imagined. I believed that  after I created this inner warrior, I would be one of a minority of people who had one. On the first day of the two day workshop it became very clear to me that we all have an inner warrior! You don’t have to create one, it is already there! The problem is it is fast asleep in most of us, including me.

Why am I talking about this in my blog, you ask? Because it changed my life, for the better, of course. Because it changes the lives of anyone who takes the training. How? It teaches you that your real ally in fighting battles is not your brain but your gut, your “belly brain”. Having discussions in your head, debating the pros and cons of circumstances removes you from the immediate need to take action. By the time you have figured out what you should do, you are already on the ground, defeated!

This was big news for me, a gal who lives very comfortably in her head, 24/7, always have. I thought that was the part of me that was my protector, defender, savior, you name it. Well, having a good brain is definitely a positive, but in certain situations it is better to lead with your gut. This is not the time to think things through – this is the time to act!

The workshop is a combination of martial arts (no prior training is required) and spiritual work. By the end of the second day you feel amazing because not only have you awakened your inner warrior but you have used it to survive! And then you realize you have immense inner strength, courage and the ability to handle just about anything that may come your way. It boosts your self esteem, your confidence and your pride, all in just two days. Pretty amazing, right?

Below was taken from their flyer which advertises their next workshop. I would normally not use my blog to promote anything, other than my own books, perhaps! But I believe so strongly in the value derived from this workshop that I wanted to get it out there.  You cannot put a price on the value it will bring into your life, something that will live with you forever.

Check out the flyer, contact me if you have questions or contact Dawn Callan directly. She is the leader of the workshop.  Her email and telephone number are listed on the flyer.  You cannot go through this training without feeling more of who you were meant to be. I promise. Thank you for listening.  :))




                      Awakening the Warrior Within

 A two-day workshop in Fallbrook October 11 & 12, 2014.

Combining ancient spiritual technology with a cutting-edge self-defense system the workshop guides you to that deep reservoir of awareness, courage and presence that is your Inner Warrior.

Awakening the Warrior Within connects you with your own power and the use of that power to heal old fears and limiting beliefs.

The self-defense system gives you the awareness to accurately assess a situation, read the physical, mental and emotional climate, walk away when appropriate, negotiate when necessary, and protect yourself when there is no other choice.

      Step into your own power

Break through to courage and awareness

Heal self-doubt and find self-trust

Learn to trust your instincts

Learn simple and effective self-defense skills

Learn to act with 100% commitment

Dawn Callan, 10th degree black belt, author, Life-Counselor, Security Consultant and Founder of Transformative Arts Institute, teaches the workshop.

The cost of the workshop is $495.00.


“I am the advanced training officer in a department of over 400 officers. In two decades of being a cop this is the best training I have found anywhere.” Mark E. Jenkins Seattle WA

“I was astonished to find that it set in motion in me a new way of seeing myself in relation to others.  I find I approach others more confidently and with more ease.  I am more assertive, and less avoidant of difficult conversations.  I’m a psychologist and I wish all my patients would take this course! Dan Quinn PhD. Clinical Psychologist

Our signature is transformation    The changes are powerful and permanent.


dawncallan@att.net                 760-859-7271

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