For Dear Life

Imagine a young American couple embarking on a two year adventure in Tehran, Iran.  The husband is a workaholic computer geek with little time or attention for his bride.  She is bored with her marriage and looking for something to ignite her passion.  She finds an opportunity with a handsome Iranian who crosses her path after their arrival in Tehran.  What felt like a beautiful love story turns into a tormenting nightmare. From the threat of criminal court, to an attempt at kidnapping her son, she demonstrates that one can survive even after making the worst mistake of your life.

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“The story you are about to read happened to me nearly forty years ago. The fact that I kept a journal for most of that time helped me tremendously in jogging my memory. I included several of the journal entries so you could “be there” and experience, along with me, the torment, frustration, and agonizing confusion I felt. You’re welcome.

Although somewhat repetitious, the entries reflect the girl I was back then. I had put myself into a situation where the outcome threw me into a daily battle between should versus want, but mostly the question was, what is it that I want? I would not wish it on anyone. Aside from the rippling effect it had on those closest to me, it did ultimately change who I was, and I would dare say for the better. When we make poor decisions and suffer the consequences, the least we can hope to get out of it is that we have become better people. At the time I was going through it all, becoming a better person was the furthest from my mind. I just wanted to survive.”