Blank screen

I wrote last time about a clean slate for the new year. Is that the same as a blank screen? No, not in my mind. The former refers to a new beginning, a fresh start, a chance for a do-over. A blank screen is what I am currently facing, as I ponder what to write about this week.

Usually ideas are all around me, flooding my brain, vying for attention – “Pick me!” “No, pick me!” Not so much today. I didn’t write a blog the week of Christmas. My head was full of holiday to-do lists. I had no space in there for creativity to bloom, or even bud.

And here I am, trying to come up with a good topic but to my dismay nothing in my brain is raising its hand to be chosen. Writer’s block? The dreaded nemesis for writers. It truly hasn’t happened to me much since I began writing on a regular basis. I’ve been fortunate, I suppose. So what’s up with this? Why now?

I have a theory. I think my brain is overcrowded, thereby preventing ideas from taking form and eventually being expressed. What is the remedy? Clear my head. How? Meditate? Turn off all the distracting noise, both inside and outside my head. Easier said than done.

As writer’s block is a nemesis for the writer, a lack of focus is to almost any endeavor. In my world, that would be while riding my horse.  Not being focused prevents me from experiencing a productive lesson. Absolute concentration is critical to riding, especially in dressage. If you don’t pay attention,  you quickly become a passenger rather than a rider. The horse doesn’t mind but you should. In dressage, allowing your horse to run the show is never a good idea.

What is the nemesis that gets in the way of doing what you love? Distractions, other people, brain chatter, negative self-talk, lack of focus, fatigue, writer’s block?  Solutions: relax, get enough rest, stay focused, eliminate external noise (if possible), pay attention, still your mind, get away to somewhere quiet and peaceful.  Become relentless in achieving your goals. Be determined, single minded.

Creativity is alive and well in all of us. I spent years believing I wasn’t creative at all, until I retired and had the luxury of time and control over my schedule.  I was freed from the many responsibilities I had when I worked. My stress level had plummeted. I’m not suggesting you have to wait until you retire to find your creative side. I believe I’m an exception to the rule. Most people can access their creativity wherever they are in life.

Blank screen? I believe I have filled it up and hopefully given you something to think about. Honor your creativity. Allow it to bubble up to the surface and show you what you are capable of. It’s a soul-filler for sure. Don’t be intimidated by a “blank screen” however that shows up for you. Relax, take a deep breath and watch what happens!  :))

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