From Sarah Tauber, Author of “For Dear Life”

This is the first sentence of the first blog I have written.  You already know my name.  Let me tell you some things you do not know about me.  I turned 65 last month.  I have been retired for almost 3 years and it is the best “job” I have ever had.  The freedom given you is a two-edged sword, however.  You are now in charge of your day.  If you wanted to, you could spend the day in bed.  You could spend your time in front of a television, or playing on the computer.  This is not what I wanted to do but some days it is tempting.  You have now become your own motivator.  It is no longer  “I have to get my butt out of bed or I will get fired!”   This takes some getting used to, especially for people whose motivation is external.  It is possible, however and quite rewarding when you achieve it.  It just takes time.

My book, “For Dear Life” came from a very personal place, a place when revisited brought back pain and anguish, shame and humility.  I cried for several days after I began writing.  My husband asked me why would you want to share such an ugly story about yourself?  Why would you allow yourself to be that vulnerable, showing the world your “dirty laundry” as it were?  That was a very valid question.  I had to visit that for a while.  I decided that maybe if I let myself be that vulnerable my story could help other people.  That possibility was something I reveled in.  It is what I want more than anything.  To help others, to keep people from making similar mistakes.  To teach them that they can avoid the heartache and the torment by making better choices.  Being vulnerable is being human.  I am not always in control.  I am not perfect.  I am flawed, very flawed.  And so are you.  It’s okay.  It’s how we learn.  If you start out  perfect, where do you go from there?

Read my book if you haven’t already.  It will take you on my journey and maybe give you insights you didn’t have before.  Your heart will be full at the end and isn’t that a good thing?

Stay tuned…