What’s going on?

It’s hard to believe that we have lived in Oregon for 2 1/2 months now. Where did the time go? What happened to my blogs? What am I doing here?

There have been many blessings with this move. We are temporarily living in a very nice apartment in the absolute best part of town – beautiful area, convenient to everything and getting more and more familiar every day.

We began our  home search In October. We made offers during that month on three different places. The first one verbally accepted our counter offer and then went with a new higher bidder. I was so angry with the seller for tossing out her integrity that I told Bill we wouldn’t  come up to the new price. We didn’t. We walked.

House number two did not work out because they wouldn’t take VA. (A decision we made months ago so that we could keep our investments in tact.) House number three accepted our first offer immediately. It was also the first day they were on the market! We are in escrow, closing is December 14th. I can hardly believe it.

The home inspection went very well with only some minor handyman items. They have agreed to give us a generous credit to get the repairs done. The appraisal is scheduled for sometime next week. Fingers crossed but I believe we will be okay. I am not looking forward to packing again so soon, but we are giving ourselves permission to move in slowly. And this time our new place is only 15 minutes from here, not 20 hours!

Being close to my son and family is the best blessing. My physical contact with them for the last several years has been limited to two trips a year for a week or less. Now I see them at least twice a week. My grandson (2 1/2) is getting used to me now and I get a big smile when I see him. It fills my heart. And my granddaughter is about to walk!

The horse situation has not been as happy. She loves being out in the pasture with her mare friends. So much so that she is impossible to catch! It has become a game for her which is challenging me and my new trainer beyond what I could have imagined. I did an hour training session at a clinic recently with her. We worked on being able to catch her. The trainer’s solution was to make her run until she was so tired that she would give up and let you catch her. It is difficult to do that out in two acres of pasture without exhausting yourself as well.

We’ve moved her to a smaller pasture without any companions. They are next to her on the other side of the fence. Not as much grass to graze so she gets hay twice a day to supplement. I was out there yesterday. I still couldn’t catch her. I left defeated and saddened because I don’t have my old horse. She hasn’t been herself since she came up here. I know that horses do not like change and she is that way times ten. We may have to wait this one out.

In the meantime she went lame and so we hauled her out to the Vet last Friday. He took x-rays. Not great news. She has a bone condition called “OCD” which she was born with and on top of that arthritis, all of which is occurring in her left hind leg. Apparently quite common in quarter horses. The solution is a daily anti-inflammatory and no heavy work. That’s fine with me because we don’t do heavy work anyway. So, theoretically I can keep doing what I do with her for hopefully another ten years. That would be great. (Once we solve the catching problem, that is.)

In the interim I worry about her being sad at her new place. I think it will take time. I’ve heard stories of horses that came from far away and then took three or more months to adjust. I must be patient but it’s hard.

I’m working on trying to see the positives in life and not let the bumps in the road throw me off. It sounds like an easy enough thing to do but it isn’t always. I rely on God in the form of prayer and the wonderful Christian radio stations (I’ve found three so far.) to boost me up and keep me going.

It may be hard for non-animal people to understand and I get that. But my horse is my child and there are many parallels where their happiness is concerned.  I want her to be happy.  I want us to reconnect. It just hasn’t happened yet.

Whatever is going on in your life right now, don’t give up hope. Turn to God for comfort and guidance. Talk to him whenever you are anxious or worried. He is always there.

And this Thursday being Thanksgiving, be thankful! I saw a sign recently that said “Start each day with a grateful heart.” Sounds like a good practice, right? I dare you to try it!

God bless.

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