It’s all good. It’s all God.

It seems like forever since I wrote my last blog. It probably has been.  As it got closer to our departure from Fallbrook, I found myself completely preoccupied and not able to focus on anything except packing and handling any last minute details. (There were a million of those.) I dreaded the last two days. On the first day we rented our truck and packed it. My son and his wife came over early to take everything out of the house and into the garage and driveway. Good idea. Getting a 22′ truck pulling a tow dolly for Bill’s car into our narrow turn around driveway was quite the feat. My son, being the wizard that he is, managed it. He even backed it up so that all we had to do the next morning was drive out.

Bill found some extra people to help load the truck. He found three and as luck would have it one of them used to be a professional mover. My son started to give him direction but upon noticing his expertise he sat back and watched in awe as the young man strategically placed every box, piece of furniture or odd leftover into the truck. By the end it was full to the gills but everything fit. Sigh of relief.

We wanted to get to Redding on the first day. Ambitious but we did it. We drove for 13 hours. My daughter-in-law’s mom shared the driving with me and Bill rode with my son in the truck. Getting into bed at the hotel that night was sheer bliss.

We left again the next day at 6am, thinking we would get to Portland between 1-2. Nope. It seems that a full 22′ foot truck pulling a compact car cannot do 65 mph in the mountains! And there were lots of mountains!

So as not to miss our deadline for getting the keys to our apartment, I drove past the truck and made good time, getting there by 4:00. We had hoped that my other son, the one who lives in Portland, would be able to round up several guys to help us unload. No such luck. There was a wedding reception for one of their coworkers and that’s where everyone who wasn’t working that day was going. Bill was stressing out big time, figuring it would not get done. You see after unloading most of everything at the apartment, we had to drive to my son’s house (30 mins away) to unload the rest, then fill the truck’s gas tank and drop it off at Home Depot. As it turned out my two sons were incredibly efficient, organized and strong. With some help from the two women and my husband, we got it done. It was after 8:30pm before we left for my son’s house after filling our stomachs with Domino’s.

By the time we were back here at the apartment it was 11:30pm. The next day we drove my CA son and my daughter-in-law’s mother to the airport.

As of today we have been here one week. Today is the first cloudy day since we arrived. We have been blessed with beautiful weather. Although our apartment is on the ground floor, once you walk in it is on the second floor. I don’t know how that works but it is wonderful because we can leave all the windows open when we go out. We also don’t have to look into anyone else’s living room. I see rooftops and trees. Our home is hugged by trees. This is one reason I moved back here. Beauty and nature abound.

Since leaving California I am peaceful and happy. Except for the cracks in my heart due to leaving my sister, my son and his family and all of my amazing friends. Hopefully they will come to visit.  In the deepest part of me I feel I am home.

Now that the computer is set up I will be back to my normal weekly blog. What bit of wisdom can I pass on from this experience? Moving is hell. There are no two ways about it. You have way too much stuff. Get rid of it now before you have to move!

But mostly I would say this, if you are pondering a big decision, pray about it, ask for guidance. I was given a very clear signal what to do when I asked directly for it. And since making that decision I have felt comfortable and strong in the knowledge that I chose well.

Life is good and all that is good is from God. Be thankful every day for the blessings in your life. They are gifts and are not to be taken for granted. Peace, love and blessings.


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