Don’t you love it when it all comes together?

I feel guilty. I have not written my blog for weeks. I started out shortly after we moved here and then dropped off the face of the earth. I lost my mojo. (What is that, anyway?) No inspiration came to me. I was busy settling into my nest and into my affairs, my new life in Oregon.  I am pleased to say, things are going very well.

My horse has been here for three weeks as of tomorrow. For the first two weeks I let her get used to being out all day with pasture mates, to the new routine of going out every morning and coming in at night. I went out to see her every day for the first eight days. I wanted her to know that I had not brought her up here to give her to someone else. I was still her mom.

I began my lessons a week ago. Ruby’s response was like, “Why are you taking me out of the pasture? It’s not dark yet! I still have some delicious grass to eat! Isn’t this my new job? Grazing?” Sadly, no.

I rode her and my trainer rode her. She was quite the jumpy girl. New person riding her, new covered arena. Then we mixed it up one nice day and rode outside. The last two times I rode her the temperature was in the mid fifties. I, being the wimp that I am, texted my trainer. “Isn’t it too cold to ride today?” I really believed she would answer in the affirmative and we would reschedule my lesson. “You’re kidding, right?” was her comeback. Oops.  I guess I am a wimp. I wore tights under my breeches, an undershirt, regular long sleeved shirt, a sweater and a jacket. It was actually nice enough to take off the jacket. What a Southern California wuss I am! Then my trainer told me about fleece lined breeches. I ordered a pair yesterday.

I believe my horse likes it there, especially the all day grazing part and hanging out with some nice mares. The rest of it is still so new and distracting. I’m finding that I have to change who I am to handle the new horse that she is. Interesting concept. Not surprising to most horse people I suppose. I never considered that she would change. By change I don’t mean anything bad, she just needs some time to adjust. Horses do not like change and this was a huge one. Time and patience and learning some new skills. It’s all good.

I found my new hairdresser who is sweet and very good at her craft. I have signed on with a chiropractor who is, so far anyway, a good fit. I joined a gym this morning and started working out again. I haven’t done that for a long time and it feels good.

We are slowly finding our way around. We haven’t settled on a church yet but are trying a few different ones. Sunday night is bible study at my son’s house as he and his wife are the leaders. Nice group.

My new barn friends are awesome, genuine and true horse lovers like I am. My trainer is going to teach me a lot. We have had three barn get togethers so far and they have all been a lot of fun.

We are starting to look for our new home and have already gotten our loan approval. It’s just a matter of finding the right place at the right time. I have faith.

My life is filling up beautifully as is Bill’s. He is getting closer to putting a business together which will keep him busy and happy. He cannot retire. He said it’s boring! I, on the other hand, have never been bored in retirement!

Life is good. Everything fell into place when we made the commitment to move up here. It surprises me how easy it has been to adjust and create a new life for ourselves. This all tells me that it was meant to be. There has been no struggle involved in anything we have done. There have been challenges but all of them have worked out for the best.

When you make a big decision, pay attention to how things flow. If you keep banging your head against the wall at every turn, perhaps you need to re-think your decision. Maybe it is not the perfect one or the perfect time. God has a way of letting you know if you are on the right track. I strongly believe He is working in our lives for our good and if we just listen, and then follow, we will find our true happiness. I think they call it “bliss”.

May God speak to you and may you hear Him through the chatter in your head. May He come in loud and clear,  removing the distractions from your life. May you find bliss by following Him. Amen.

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