Before my most recent birthday (we’re talking last month), my older son asked me what kind of gift would make me giddy.  He was of course trying to figure out what to get me and wanted to make sure that whatever it was I would be pleased.  It struck me that the word “giddy” is not only seldom heard anymore but seldom thought of!  What a great descriptive word it is.  “Giddy” – When I hear it I think of a young woman who has just experienced her first kiss.  It left her feeling giddy.  

Webster’s primary definition of the word is “lightheartedly silly” or “frivolous”.  Lightheartedly silly – what a wonderful way to be.  Children are lightheartedly silly creatures most of the time.  It’s in their job description.  We, as adults, can choose to be that way if we can rid our minds of all the adult chatter, the worries and stresses of our busy lives. Not an easy task but not impossible either, in small segments of time.

“A blender”, I told him.  “But it would cost too much money.  Earrings would be fine.  I would love earrings.”  How could I be giddy about a blender, you ask?  Have you ever watched “Chopped”?  It has changed my mind about food and cooking forever.  Who knew there were so many spices and sauces and ways to prepare food?  I have a wonderful red KitchenAid mixer my husband bought me for Christmas two years ago.  It is safely tucked away in a cupboard, never used.  It intimates me.  What do I put into it?  I promised him that this year I would take it out of the cupboard and use it to make something for him.  He was thrilled.

So, what did my son end up getting me for my birthday?  A red, KitchenAid blender!  He guessed at the color and the brand (what luck!).  And you know what?  When I saw it, I was positively giddy!


 pic of blender 2



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